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On Sunny Lane - Do It Now

It was a rainy, yucky day, but I had to pick the blackberries before they got too ripe. As a result, my feet got wet and I got chilled. In fact, it was a chilly day.

My secret to getting warmed up and preventing a cold is to get a warm shower. I would have, too, except I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t want to take all of my clothes off, get all wet, dry off and get dressed again. I just wasn’t in the mood. So, I compromised. I took my shoes off, ran water in the tub/shower module and washed my feet in warm, soapy water.

As I looked around the sides of the tub, however, I saw stains that I don’t usually see when I shower. Although, I had been wanting to clean the tub for a while, but had never been in the mood to do it. As you can see, I have to be in the mood to do some things.

Suddenly, I decided this was the day and this was the time. I pulled my feet out of the water, walked across the rug to the sink, got out the cleanser and brush, walked back across the rug, stepped back into the tub and got to work. It was so gratifying to see the stains going away under my diligent scrubbing. How fulfilling it was to see my procrastination come to an end. How much fun it was to slosh around in the warm water and accomplish a much-needed task. I always like it when I can kill two birds with one stone. (No offense to birds. I’ve never killed one in my life.)

I often do dreaded jobs on the spur of the moment. Take weeding the garden, for instance. Sometimes I’ll be picking the beans and the weeds are getting in the way. So, I pick a few weeds. Then I pick a few more. Before I know it, time has slipped away, I have forgotten about the beans and I have to hurry and get back to picking what I came for.

I’m happy for those spur-of-the-moment times. I get things done that I wouldn’t ordinarily do—like cleaning the refrigerator, or making a batch of cookies. Sometimes, it even pulls me out of the doldrums and lifts my spirits.

In fact, it always makes me feel good to finish a job, to complete a task, to accomplish a goal. I like to stand back and admire my handiwork. After all, if I can’t admire it, who will?

I think it’s human nature to enjoy the fruit of a person’s labor. It’s more fun to have your spirits lifted than to be in the doldrums. All you need to do is find an opportunity and take it—even when you least expect it.


Dorothy has recently published a book, “Miles and Miracles”, and it can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle, and is now available at 512 Main in Knox, PA. Her email address is:

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