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On Sunny Lane: Doggie Boots

Some of the local churches held flea markets last weekend to benefit rescue and relief efforts--especially in Ukraine. I thought I would help them out.

I never know when I can find something at a flea market, rummage sale, yard sale, or thrift store that I want, need, or can use. A couple of the churches didn't even price their items. They just asked for a donation--and customers appeared to be generous.

Well, I found a few things that I thought could be useful and could be assimilated into my household belongings. One of the items was a set of doggie boots. Never mind the fact that we don't have a doggie--therefore, none that would need boots.

However, the doggie boots were just the right size to fit on the end of our dining room chairs, which would prevent scratching our hardwood floor when sliding them in and out of the table. So, I bought them.

When I got home, I emptied all of my bags and began to assimilate. I wasn't ready to put the doggie boots on the chair legs, so I put them away in the most logical place to find them when I was ready to use them.

Who knows why I was not ready to use them at the time. Maybe, I had too many other things to do. Maybe, it was time to fix supper. Maybe, it was time for my nap. Regardless, I chose not to put them on at that particular time.

Instead, I put them in the most logical place where I could find them when I was ready. They were in a little white cardboard box, so I would be sure to recognize them when I saw them.

Well, that was last weekend. Today, I was ready to put my purchase to use.

So, I looked in the most logical place where I would expect to find a little white cardboard box containing doggie boots. They were not there.

I looked in all of the other places that seemed logical to me. They were not there. In fact, I looked in the same logical places multiple times and they still weren't there.

We have a small house, but there are lots of cupboards, closets, shelves, drawers, and bins where a little box could reside. Why was it that a logical place to put it did not seem logical to find it?

I was really in a dither when I finally decided to ask for help. I prayed to St. Anthony, "St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. There's something lost which must be found."

Within five minutes I "just happened" to look in the direction of the one bin where I had not looked.

Lo and behold! There it was! It was in a very logical place.

Then I asked myself why I didn't ask for help sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of frustration and aggravation.

Finding things is not the only thing we sometimes need help with. Sometimes, we need help carrying or lifting, or doing a task. People are usually willing to help if they are available. Don't wait until you are frustrated and aggravated.

It's okay to ask for help--even if it's from the Other Side. It's only logical.

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