On Sunny Lane - Guessing Games

Sweetheart and I like to play guessing games.

They’re not really games, because they are not organized and have no rules. And they come up spontaneously.

For instance, when we wake up in the morning, without looking at one of our clocks, we’ll guess what time it is. When one of us is closest to the actual time, the winning is bittersweet. There is no prize.

Of course, the winner will sometimes get a victory kiss, but that makes the loser a winner, too. But that doesn’t stop us. And it’s not always a competition. Sometimes, Sweetheart will guess what’s for supper. If he’s wrong, it doesn’t matter, because he gets to eat anyway.

We guess what the temperature is, how much rain we got, what time our guests will arrive. It’s fun to guess. It gives us something to do when we have nothing to do.

This is a game that can be played with others, or alone. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with how busy you are, or how much time you have.

For instance, when I look in the refrigerator, I like to guess what is in some of the bowls of leftovers before I take the lid off. After 15 or 30 seconds, I usually give up and open the container. I’m always surprised.

Or, when I’m looking for something, I guess how long it will take me to find it. Sometimes, it takes forever.

How humdrum it must be to just accept what comes along. Guessing puts a little excitement into everyday situations and gives us something to laugh about. Sometimes, we laugh because we’re right and sometimes we laugh because we’re wrong. Either way, we go on our way with a smile and a memory.

I think the guessing and memory making spice up our lives. Life is about more than work, eating and sleeping. You don’t need to plan a big outing or event to have fun. And, if we didn’t have fun, wouldn’t life be boring?

However, If you’re still bored, I guess you could always eat chocolate.


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