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On Sunny Lane: If You See Something, Say Something

I'm a reporter.

I don't mean the kind of reporter who works for a newspaper, or television station or radio station, although I once used to do that for a newspaper. I report things I see to people who can make things happen.

For instance, if I use the facilities at a restaurant or convenience store, I always check to be sure there is toilet paper before I make myself comfortable. If there is none, I go to the person I believe is in charge and inform him/her so the situation can be remedied. It's not, necessarily, the supervisor's fault that there is no toilet paper. He/she may not have gotten around to doing that in their daily routine.

Or, the last customer may have used the last square and did not report it. I sometimes wonder how many people were paperless until I made someone aware of the oversight. The clerk or supervisor is always glad to get the information and promises to get right on it.

A month ago, I went to one of the convenience stores to get air in my tires. I tried to push the button to set the pressure, but couldn't seem to do it. I thought I was doing something wrong, but the instructions were simple and I had done it before.

So, I went into the convenience store and reported the malfunction to the clerk She, in turn, called the manager. I went outside to the air machine with him. Upon investigation, he discovered that the face-plate had been removed and the buttons punched out. He said he would call the repairman right away.

I wonder how many people came to get air, were disappointed and drove away. Did someone get frustrated because the machine wasn't working and cause the damage?

I just checked today and the machine is in good working order. See what reporting can do? I think the world would be a better place if people would report things that are amiss.

Sweetheart and I ate at a local restaurant after church a couple of weeks ago. I used the facilities, which were well stocked with restroom necessities. I took my napkin with me to dry my hands, since they do not provide a paper towel dispenser.

Afterwards, we went to the building supply center to check out a few prices. We went all through the store, then stopped at the garden center to ask a question. As we stood at the checkout counter, a man whom I did not know approached me hesitantly. He said, "Ma'am, your dress is hiked up in the back. I hope you don't mind me telling you."

Mind!?! I was ever so grateful. I shudder to think how many more people would have seen my undies if he hadn't told me. I lost no time in making the appropriate adjustments.

If you see something, say something.


Dorothy has recently published a book, “Miles and Miracles”, and it can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle, and is now available by contacting Dorothy via email at

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