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On Sunny Lane - Let's Vote

Sweetheart and I will be working at the election poll again on May 18.

We did it last fall for the first time. We enjoyed doing it and felt as though we had done a good thing.

We’ve been told to expect a low turnout and traffic to be slow, since this is not a year to elect a President or Congress members. I’ve known that to be the case for a long time, but I have often wondered why. I’ve heard the reasons (excuses), but they don’t hold water, as far as I am concerned.

I’m too busy. (It doesn’t take long.) My vote doesn’t count. (All votes add up.) It won’t make a difference. (How do you know it won’t?) My spouse will just cancel out my vote. (It’s the total that makes the difference. Be part of the total.)

While it is important to have leaders to represent us on a national level, it is equally important to have good leaders in the community.

Don’t you think it’s important to have school board members who will make wise decisions about your child’s education? Don’t you think it’s easier to check one box on a ballot than to attend a school board meeting and object when you believe things are going in the wrong direction?

Don’t you think it’s important to elect officials who will be good stewards of the taxes we pay? It’s probably easier than trying to change their direction once they’re in office, or to try to have them evicted. Besides, it’s too late, once our money has been spent.

Speaking of money—we get paid money for having money in savings accounts at the bank. It doesn’t amount to nearly as much as it once did. I will admit that. That money is called interest. It’s what we get back on our investment.

If we make a poor investment in our community leaders, what can we expect to get back? This is a time for candidates to skate in, with just a few votes. We can’t assume that they all will have our best INTEREST at heart.

We’re all busy people. We have work to do, families to raise, bills to pay and a little time left over to enjoy life—and a little time to go to the precinct and vote. It’s a good way to make our voices heard. And I have heard it said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Hopefully, it is easier to put good people into office than to get them out.

Public protesting isn’t the only way to make our voices heard.

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