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On Sunny Lane - Lots of People

Last January Sweetheart and I visited family in Canada. They live just north of Toronto. The route we were on took us around Toronto. It took us forever. Sweetheart and I have been in Toronto, so we didn’t want to go through it if we didn’t have to. It’s huge!

When we do go to Toronto, I am flabbergasted at the number of people I see—on the streets, in buildings, on the buses. Everywhere we go, there are people. Toronto is not unique as a big city. I’m sure other big cities have lots of people, too. It just amazes me that there are so many people—anywhere! We hear statistics about how many millions of people there are in a state, or in the United States and it is like water running off a duck’s back. And there are millions of people in other countries, too. We don’t realize how much a million people is until we get into a big city.

Now, amazing as it is to see thousands of people gathered together in one area, it amazes me to think that each one of the people I see is unique. Each one has a family of some sort. Each one has a house or abode of some kind. Each one shops for groceries. Each one has a bank account (I assume they do, anyway). They all have hopes and desires and dreams. They all want to be happy (at least, I think they do.). In fact, I think they want to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When Sweetheart and I drive along the interstates, we sometimes see trees. In fact, we sometimes see thousands of trees. It amazes me that there are so many trees along the interstate. It amazes me that there are so many trees anywhere! Each one is different. There are oaks and maples and birch and nut trees. How could there be so many trees? And so many different kinds? Each one is unique.

The same goes for animals. There are so many different kinds of animals and, sometimes, I see a lot of them together. It gets me to thinking of the awesomeness of it all.

When I look up at the sky, I see so many stars (at least, on a clear night). Each one is different. Each is in a different place. I’m no astronomer, but I think they must all have a different function to perform. How could there be so many stars? And how could there be so many planets? I shudder to think of what all is out there in space. I admire anyone who wants to get in a space ship and fly out there to find out. I don’t even want to get into an airplane any more.

There are just so many things! Who could have thought them all up? Well, we have a pretty good idea Who did it all. It just amazes me that He/She did such a good job of it.


Dorothy has recently published a book, “Miles and Miracles”, and it can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle, and is now available at 512 Main in Knox, PA. Her email address is:

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