On Sunny Lane: Slow Down

When I was in high school, my mother and I lived in a cute little house in the country.

The lane to our house went down a steep grade and then up a steep grade to our house. A tiny stream ran under it and there was very little extra roadway on either side of the track. Several of our friends misjudged when driving in or out and had to be pulled out of the ravine by our landlord on his tractor.

There was a cement walk that went alongside the lane as it went down from the house. I used to use it as I walked to the school bus in the mornings.

One morning, when I was sixteen years old, I was late getting ready for school and the bus arrived as I was finishing my breakfast. While I grabbed my books and other belongings, Mom opened the door for me.

I whisked through the door and raced down the walkway. As I came closer to the bottom of the grade and was starting up the other side, I was gaining momentum. Unfortunately, my feet were not keeping pace with the rest of my body and I fell flat on my back. I had managed to twist my body as I was going down. Otherwise, I would have fallen flat on my face.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was waiting patiently, along with half a bus full of fellow passengers. I was in full view of everyone.

I was too embarrassed to get up, but the bus wasn't going anywhere. It seemed like forever before I got up the courage to get up and walk to the bus.

When I got on, the bus driver said, "You don't have to run. I'll wait for you.

Now he tells me.

When I was small, I would watch my mother get ready to go shopping. She didn't drive, so we needed to be ready when my sister would come to pick us up and take us to town.

Sometimes, Mom would be in a hurry and knock something over, which would cause a mess for her to clean up.

"Gosh dang it," she would say, (or something of that nature). "Every time I'm in a hurry, it happens!"

I have noticed that, when I try to do something quickly, I'm much more likely to make a mistake. If I slow down, I'm more likely to do it without mishaps. And, when I'm in a hurry, that's when I need to slow down the most.

I just hope I can remember that the next time I'm in a hurry.

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