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On Sunny Lane: Snowed In

The last siege of snow and ice caused Sweetheart and me to be snowed in for two days.

We can see the road from our house, but we live in a semi-secluded area on a hillside, at the end of a long and winding driveway.

Since we no longer need to drive to work and we have plenty of necessities on hand, we saw no need to leave the house. We were prepared to stay in for as long as it took. After all, Sweetheart’s philosophy is, “God put the snow there. He can pick it up”.

As I was surfing the web, I came upon a couple and their dog, who had been snowed in their cabin in a remote area of northern California since December 6. Like us, they had provisions and, apparently, no particular need to go out.

However, they were reaching the limit of their endurance. Their provisions were running low and they were craving human contact.

So, they notified emergency personnel, who came with a helicopter to airlift them out of their imprisonment. They had been there for almost two months.

So, anyway, Sweetheart and I each focused on a project that would keep us busy during our isolation. We cozied up in our nice warm cottage and prepared to ride out the storm.

I was concerned about other people who may have been stuck inside, too, and called them from time to time. We anticipated that church might be cancelled.

Then I called my daughter. I was sure she was snowed in, too, and assumed she would be working from home. Lo and behold! She had been driving to work as usual, although with greater caution.

Friends I talked to had been going out to the doctor and other appointments, as usual. Suddenly it occurred to us that we could be the only people who were snowed in. And, maybe, we were just being a bit lazy.

So, the next morning, we got out and shoveled the walk. We brushed off the car and surrounding area. We dug out some tracks for the car in the driveway.

Then we went into the house and had a cup of hot chocolate.

We ran a few errands after that and have been on the go ever since. It is good to be able to move about freely again, without restrictions.

After all, freedom is a terrible thing to waste.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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