On Sunny Lane: Stop and Smell the Roses

As Sweetheart and I were going out for the evening recently, we went down the walk and admired the beautiful flowers on either side.

There were yellow daffodils, purple, yellow and white crocus and light blue baby's breath. We were glad to see the grass turning green, even though that means it will soon need to be mowed.

I turned to Sweetheart and said, "You know something? I don't think we would enjoy spring half as much if we didn't go through a long hard winter." Sweetheart agreed.

As winters go, last year was a bad one. It was cold for a long time. And, just when we thought it was over, it kept coming back.

Sometimes, a person wonders when it will end. There's hope, however, in knowing that spring will come--eventually.

That could be why we appreciated the flowers so much that evening. We could have just walked on by, ignoring them. We could have kept focused on our goal of getting into the car and heading to our destination. But, we were following the age-old advice to stop and smell the roses--even though they weren't roses we were stopping to admire.

Then I began to think. You know me. I'm always thinking.

So, I was thinking about hard times I've had in my life. That was before I met Sweetheart. The road was rocky at times. I was in a different marriage. There were emotional upheavals. Illnesses. Accidents. Deaths.

It was a long, hard winter of life's journey. Sometimes I wondered if I would get through it. But, I did--just as I get through every winter.

We all have hard times in our lives. Some people have more than others. Sometimes, they don't seem to come to an end. But, just like winter weather breaks every now and then and the sun shines through for a couple of days, sometimes life's trials give us a break for a little while, too.

So, I guess we need to recognize good days and good times when we see them. We need to focus on that and not on the cold, hard winter.

And, maybe, that's why we should stop and smell the roses while we can.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at dorothybutzknight@gmail.com

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