On Sunny Lane - Tag Lines

By Dorothy Knight Burchett

I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it anymore! Call me a radical. Call me a rebel, but I’m pulling out all the stops. Or, rather, I’m pulling off all of the tags.

Those tags on my towels and wash cloths are driving me nuts, they stick out at all angles and just get in the way. I estimate that, if I rotate my linens each time I wash them and pull or cut the tags off each time, I should have them all done in about six months. That way, I won’t have to spend a whole day cutting off tags.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to cut tags off my shirts, sweaters and pants. They are irritating, too. Maybe, even more so, the ones on my shirts can be scratchy and, if they aren’t scratchy and my friends see one sticking out when I’m out in public, they feel obligated to tuck it in for me. Some people cut them out and don’t give it a second thought. At least, I don’t think they think about it again. However, if I go to a store where gently used clothing is being sold, I like to know what size the garment is before I try it or buy it. If the tag isn’t on it, I can’t do that.

Now, some clothing manufacturers have taken the hint and don’t put tags in any more. In fact, some of my undies and some of my t-shirts have size and washing instructions imprinted right onto the fabric. Why can’t more companies do that? Some manufacturers have put the tag on the side seam of the shirt or pants. That is just kicking the can down the road. It just makes it irritating in another part of the anatomy.

Maybe, I just get irritated easily—especially when there are so many things life can throw at us that are really important. Do I have life too good? I have friends who have health issues. One passed away recently. Some people struggle financially. Some family members are alienated. There are lots more important things to deal with. I think about these things. There’s not a whole lot I can do about them. I think about them when I wake up through the night and there’s still nothing I can do about them.

Maybe, I can take out my worry and frustration on those little tags, where it won’t hurt anybody and it might help me.

Dorothy has recently published a book, “Miles and Miracles”, and it can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle, and is now available at 512 Main in Knox, PA. Her email address is: dorothybutzknight@gmail. com

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