On Sunny Lane - They Might Like It

I have a friend who is an animal control officer. She has to go to houses and barns and garages and corrals to investigate reports of animal abuse.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. I admire her for her courage.

She tells me horrific stories about the abuse and maiming she sees and about the people who do it. In almost every instance, she sees evidence of domestic abuse, as well. The two seem to go hand in hand.

Although I try not to, my mind forms a picture of the kind of person who would inflict harm and death on a creature unable to defend itself. I wonder about the person's character. Is he/she normally a person of integrity in the workplace? Is s/he usually kind to fellow workers and people in stores and other public places? Or, is a person who terrorizes the defenseless just plain mean and nasty?

My cat Skittles is no longer with us. I put him and Flopsie outside on Memorial Day, when Sweetheart and I left for the concert and I haven't seen him since. He has been known to be a wanderer, but has never before been gone for more than two days. He was in good health when we last saw him. I would hate to think he had fallen into the clutches of a cat hater.

Skittles is my lover cat. He would follow me around the house until I sat down so he could jump up and sit on my lap. In the evening, when I sat on the couch, he curled himself into the crook of my arm and went to sleep. We would take naps together in the afternoon. It was like having a real live teddy bear to cuddle.

Flopsie is a cat with a different personality. She prefers to curl up beside me or Sweetheart, rather than on our laps. She has no qualms, however, about tramping over us as we lie in bed or relax on the couch.

It makes me wonder if animal abusers never had an animal to love. Or, maybe they never had a person to show them what love is like. If they tried it, they might like it. And it might save the lives of some innocent animals.


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