On Sunny Lane: Too Much is Enough

Last Week Sweetheart and I took the cars into the garage for their annual inspection.

In the interest of killing two birds with one stone (not that we have ever killed a bird), each of those mornings we ate breakfast at one of the local restaurants. After we ate and shopped around some of the stores in the neighborhood, the car was ready when we got back to the garage.

Well, we sat in our booth and contemplated the extensive menu. Eventually, we each decided on a variation of the breakfast we usually eat at home: eggs, breakfast meat and toast. We passed on the offerings of fruit that were available, although we usually have some at home.

As we sat there, sipping our coffee, we saw the waitresses going by with some of the selections we had passed up. They looked really good--especially the pancakes and waffles that were topped with strawberries and whipped cream, with pancake syrup on the side.

Is your mouth watering? So were ours.

It happens almost every time we eat out. We order our meal and then we see delicious-looking food going past us. We keep resolving to ask people what they're eating as we're being seated, but it all happens so fast that we don't get a chance.

When we get our food, it is always good and just what we were in the mood for. Why do we want what someone else has? Why does the grass look greener on the other side of the fence?

Sweetheart and I have gone by farms where we see horses or cows with their head stuck through the fence, munching on the grass. It didn't look any greener to me. It was just different.

Maybe, the problem is having too many choices. When I cook at home, I decide on the menu, fix it and we eat it. There's nothing on the table to tempt us. There might be something else in the refrigerator, but I would have to get up and get it. That ain't happening.

Maybe, all of that temptation stuff is because there's so much--maybe, even too much. Restaurants have many different appetites to satisfy. Trouble is we have many appetites, too, and we can only satisfy one at a time.

Now, the decision we need to make is whether to eat out more often and try everything or to eat at home and stick to our menu. Either way, we need to be satisfied.


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