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On Sunny Lane: Warning Signs

As Sweetheart and I were walking around the pool last month when we were in Florida, we saw some words painted along the edge.

As anyone who has been to a public swimming pool knows the depth of the pool is posted in several areas, along with certain pertinent information. The posting we read was, “Zero feet. No diving.”

Du-uh. Anyone who is capable of reading that sign should be intelligent enough to know not to dive there. And, if you can’t read that sign, you probably don’t want to dive anyway.

It was the edge of the children’s wading pool. Can you imagine a baby in a diaper jumping head first into a slab of cement? If so, it would not be on purpose.

I suppose the establishment at the pool was covering its safety obligations. It makes me wonder, though, if someone had tried it once.

Once upon a time, I was crossing a bridge that spans a local river. A sign at the end read, “No jumping from bridge.”

Would a swimmer want to jump from the bridge? It was a long way down. The only kind of person, who, I believe, would want to jump from the bridge is someone who no longer cares about his/her safety. In which case the point would be moot.

Last week I pulled into a local drive through establishment and ordered a small cup of coffee. As she handed it to me, the attendant said, “Here is your hot coffee.”

Now, it seemed rather obvious to me that it would be hot, as that is what I ordered. Apparently she had been trained to say that, so the restaurant could be free of liability if I burned myself and wanted to sue them.

They probably have flashbacks to that famous case, years ago, of the woman who got burned on her coffee and sued the fast food restaurant. I wonder if she spent all of the money she got from that settlement yet.

Anyway, I wonder if the food handlers are required to inform their ice coffee customers that their coffee is cold. Did anyone ever sue because they got brain freeze?

Sometimes, a person wonders how much we have to inform people about things that appear to be so obvious. Are some people so intellectually challenged that they need to have explicit instructions?

Are some reminders warnings that attempts to sue would be futile? Are they a hint to the gregarious to “Just don’t be so dumb!”

Whatever the reason, I’m comforted to know that somewhere someone is looking out for people who need to be looked out for.

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