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On Sunny Lane: What Comes Around Goes Around

On Sunday Sweetheart and I and a friend went out to eat at one of our local restaurants. It's the one where they treat us like friends and friends like family.

While we waited for the waitress to bring our food, I made a trip to the restroom--as I am wont to do when I eat at a restaurant.

When I returned to my seat, the three of us engaged in conversation as we continued to wait for our food to arrive. As we were talking about the weather, I reached into my pants pocket for my smartphone to see what the forecast would be. It was not there!

I had left my phone in the restroom--AGAIN!!

This is a common occurrence for me. I hurried to the restroom, hoping it would be on top of the toilet paper holder, where I had left it, but it was not!

I asked two women who were standing at the sinks, washing their hands, if they had seen it and they said, yes, they had. They said they had taken it to lost and found--and that is where I found it.

I have left my cell phone in rest rooms in restaurants in many different towns and cities. Every time it happens, I panic, afraid some unscrupulous person may have absconded with it. Yet, every time it happens, some kind person has turned it in to the lost and found department.

I left my purse in the cart at a local grocery store once--and even an expensive Nikon camera when I was a reporter for the newspaper. In both cases, I found the items at the store's office.

Now, it does not surprise me that I leave things that I should have in my possession in public places. What amazes me is that so many--and I do mean lots--of people are so honest as to facilitate the return of my items.

In an age when identity theft and fraud are rampant, I am encouraged every time I find my cell phone safe and sound. I am encouraged to know there are so many honest people.

Yet, I don't want to become careless about my possessions. There may be someone out there who is just waiting for someone like me to leave something of a personal nature for them to pick up.

Sweetheart and I went to a play last night in a huge theater. There were huge crowds milling about, while others struggled to make their way through.

As a small group of women came near me, one woman dropped a large piece of paper on the floor. Thinking it was a piece of junk mail, I left it lay. With encouragement from a man in the crowd, we did some investigating and discovered it was her e-ticket for the performance.

I took it to lost and found.

What comes around, goes around.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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