Open Letter

As most wonderful things, they are finite and always come to an end. My ability to practice the profession of Dentistry for the Chicora and surrounding areas has been my life for more than 38 years. I have met and treated different generations of families and made countless friends. But, due to medical reasons, of which were unforeseen, I am no longer able to afford you the care that I expect of myself. I have decided to retire and look excitedly forward to spending the next phase of my life with my growing family.

he confidence you have afforded me over the years has been priceless. I can only pray that every person I have been blessed enough to help, in some small way, the best.

May the Lord bless and be with you as he has been with me. I will miss you!


Dr. Domenick DeFrancisis, D.D.S.


Dr. DeFrancisis leaves his dental practice in the capable hands of Meredith Fennell, D.M.D. You can continue to call the Chicora Dental Care at 724-445-2556 for your next appointment.

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