Open Letter - Dear Amish Brothers and Sisters

Dear Amish Brothers and Sisters:

The political winds in America are swiftly changing.  The radical left has taken charge of the Democratic Party.  Seventy-seven-year-old Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, embraced the goals of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, his rival, to secure the nomination for President. Here’s the strategy, run Biden, claim he is a moderate, defeat President Trump, then by executive order and other means attack the Bill of Rights.  The left no longer debates the issues; they now crave and demand the power to bring their vision of “utopia” to America. For example, Black Lives Matter founder, Alicia Garza, a Marxist and convicted terrorist, demands that the capitalistic system be replaced. She demands high taxes, citizenship for undocumented people, open borders, free healthcare, free college, free government paid housing, guaranteed jobs and/or income, and the defunding of the police and dismantlement of the two- parent family. Black Lives Matters and Antifa, a violent radical group are behind much of the rioting that is going on in large cities. They are determined to govern as socialists/communists.

If Biden wins and the Democrats get control of the House and Senate, your unique community life is in jeopardy. Freedom of religion, speech and right to bear arms are at the top of their long list. Any religious group that does not comply could easily be targeted. This happened under Obama when the IRS would not give conservative groups tax exempt status. Religious clergy have been silenced since a 1967 law was passed that threatened their tax-exempt status if they spoke out politically. Our Christian moral code has eroded in the last 50 years for this and other reasons.  

Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris will take over as President if Biden is not able to finish his 4-year term. Biden has cognitive-brain issues that make it difficult for him to make sense when he speaks without a teleprompter. Mrs. Harris, a San Francisco liberal, would usher in every liberal cause possible by executive order.

President Trump will protect your freedoms and way of life. He has supported religious freedom more than any recent President. He has the highest marks in protecting the life of unborn children. The polls say Biden is ahead in Penns-ylvania. Protect your right to live according to your religious beliefs by going to the county offices at 330 Main Street, Clarion, PA or call Josh at 814-229- 6050 to update your voter registration if needed by Oct.19, 2020. 

Be alert, stay informed! Speak silently! Vote for President Trump and the other Republicans on the ballot, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Bev McAnallen, Parker, PA


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