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Open Letter - Fellow PA Voters

If you are OK with November 3, 2020 and Governor Tom Wolf’s endless lockdowns then you can skip the rest of this letter. If you are not OK with what happened the past fourteen months and your upset and have said to yourself, “what can I do”? I have the answer for you.

It is not say “I will never vote again”. In fact, it is time to get up off the couch and get involved.

First, get out and vote on May 18th. Included in this election are three ballot measures. Vote yes on all three! They will be worded in a way to be confusing.

Second, support the following candidates; Republican Judge’s for Supreme- Brobson; Superior – Sullivan and Commonwealth – Crompton & Wallace. Some of you may have signed petitions. I circulated for these candidates. They are all solid and I endorse them.

Third, get involved at county level thru committeeman slots or make donations to county Republican Headquarters. Do not send money to the RNC. We as a people and commonwealth cannot move forward until the 2020 election has been forensically audited like what is happening in Arizona as we speak. Arizona has some fire breathing state legislators fighting to ensure voter confidence. Pennsylvania needs to follow Arizona’s lead on this.

I talked to PA State Rep. Lee James at county headquarters in late February. He told me PA Legislation top priority is voter law and election confidence. I plan to follow up with him and Senator Hutchinson on these issues. Patriots we need you to keep the pressure on our State Representatives and Senators. Tell them what happened November 3, 2020 will never happen again. They need to act on or be prepared to be primaried next year.

So tell all your friends, neighbors and co-workers to get out and vote on May 18th. That is getting involved and movement will take our country back from the ground level. To quote Steve Bannon, “ Action, Action, Action”.

Precinct Committeman,

Douglas McQuistion

Emlenton, PA

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