Open Letter - Tiny Libraries

Friends and Neighbors,

You may have heard of Tiny Libraries. A Keystone student, Rebecca Landers, made three and put them in the community. One is at the Knox Park. We want to put one on Rhea Lane and hope to have it ready soon. Adults and children are invited to use the library. There is no cost. Just open the door and choose a book you would like to read and take it home. It can be returned, keep it for yourself, or give it to someone else to read.

We ask nothing in return, except to close the door to protect books against the weather.

I am excited about this project because I think reading is a privilege, and there is so much to learn.

There will be a hitching post for your horse. Please tell your friends. You can stop and look for a book anytime. Enjoy the reading!

New books will be added when needed.

The Tiny Library was built and donated by Dick Eisenman and painted by McKenna Deible.

If you have books to donate, leave them in the library anytime.

Thank You,

Kathy Deible

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