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Patrick O’Donnell Wins Grand Prize Polaris at INDSPEC Workers BBQ

Mickey Robb, left, an attorney with national law firm Bailey Glasser, LLP sits with former INDSPEC plant worker Patrick O’Donnell inside a new Polaris side-by-side, the grand prize at last Saturday’s INDSPEC Workers BBQ.


Patrick O’Donnell, who spent 32 years working at the now-shuttered INDSPEC Chemical Corporation’s plant in Petrolia, took home the grand prize at the first annual INDSPEC Workers BBQ, which was held last Saturday at the Millerstown Inn in Chicora.

O’Donnell held the winning ticket to a brand new Polaris side-by-side valued at $30,000. Numerous other prizes were awarded to former INDSPEC workers who attended the afternoon event, which included a barbeque dinner and live music.

More than 250 former plant workers were in attendance.

“It’s been quite a while since I saw many of my old co-workers and it was great to see everyone again,” said O’Donnell. “It was a wonderful event, where everyone seemed to have a great time.”

The INDSPEC Workers BBQ was sponsored by Mickey Robb, a local attorney who has worked closely with area chemical plant employees for more than two decades. He is a partner with the national law firm Bailey Glasser, LLP.

A large crowd of more than 250 former chemical plant employees gathered last Saturday for the first-ever INDSPEC Workers BBQ held at the Millerstown Inn in Chicora.


“This barbeque for former employees is just Bailey Glasser’s way of giving back to a tight-knit community of wonderful people who have become my friends,” said Robb, who represents many former chemical plant workers who suffer from asbestos-caused diseases, which often take 20-60+ years after exposure until lung cancer or mesothelioma is diagnosed. “It’s sad because people who were exposed to asbestos many decades ago are still at risk for developing these cancers.” 

“This first-ever INDSPEC barbeque was a resounding success. The Millerstown Inn was jam-packed, the BBQ was delicious, and the band sounded great – so we’re going to do it again next year,” said Robb. “We have already begun planning next year’s event for the first Saturday in October.”

O’Donnell is now in possession of the grand prize Polaris and said he’s got plans for it.

“We’ll use it for hunting and yardwork and going on some buddy rides,” he said.

In his career to date, Mickey Robb has secured more than $100 million in trial verdicts and settlements for his clients, representing mostly plant and factory workers who have contracted lung cancer and mesothelioma from their workplaces.

“The INDSPEC plant may have closed years ago, but many former workers still live in the area and the lawyers at Bailey Glasser, LLP are here to help. We will continue to celebrate these workers’ careers and accomplishments – and invite all former workers and their families to join us next year,” Robb said.

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