Penna 30 Day Fund Announces Support for Local Small Business Following a Donation from Clarion Count

PHILADELPHIA  – Recently, the Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, a local nonprofit dedicated to saving jobs and supporting small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 and civil unrest crises, announced that, through a partnership with the Clarion County’s Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC), it has received a $60,000 donation from the Clarion County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) that will provide $3,000 forgivable loans to 20 local small businesses to aid in funding indispensable needs and operational costs associated with ensuring the doors can remain open for businesses during this challenging time. 

“Like so many, we were concerned about the impact and long-term implications the pandemic would have on our small business community in Clarion County— especially knowing many were not fortunate enough to receive government funding,” said Eric Funk, Vice President of the Clarion County Industrial Development Authority. “Through the passionate dedication to finding creative funding solutions displayed by IDA board member, Larry Gourley, and our partners at the Clarion County Economic Development Corporation, we were introduced to the PA 30 Day Fund. Immediately, we knew that through their support and our donation of $60,000, we could create a lifeline that would allow businesses to keep the lights on.”

Mechanistic Brewing Company, a popular Clarion County-based craft brewpub, was the recipient of a forgivable loan from PA 30 Day Fund in July 2020, which enabled the small business to navigate everything from staffing and vendor challenges and cancelled events to statewide regulations and property damage. Inspired by the support offered to their business, owners Chelsea & George Alexander have shared their story and furthered support for small businesses within the county, engaging leadership from the Economic Development Corporation to further spread the word of the good work and valued support offered to them.

“2020 was challenging for all businesses, and we were not immune. Mechanistic Brewing was hit with wave after wave of bad news, and I was feeling tremendously defeated. Then, I received a call from PA 30 Day Fund that we had been selected to receive a $3,000 forgivable loan, with no red tape and an effortless application process. This couldn’t have come at a better time financially for us ... however it felt more thrilling to be given the emotional boost of knowing that people care, have our back and believe in us,” said Chelsea Alexander, owner of Mechanistic Brewing Company. “It was evident that other Clarion County businesses could use this level of support now more than ever. My goal in sharing my experience with economic development leaders in Clarion County is to allow other businesses to feel this emotional boost to help get through this health crisis, and I’m so thrilled to see all that is being done.”

“When we started the PA 30 Day Fund, it was our greatest hope that, beyond financial stability, we could help create a sense of comfort and support for small businesses during an extremely difficult time. We’re continuously inspired by stories like that of Chelsea and George Alexander of Mechanistic Brewing, but when they are also willing to pay it forward, engage local leaders and champion the mission of small business support to create positive impact for others in similar situations, it is truly inspiring,” said Jeff Bartos, co-founder of PA 30 Day Fund. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Clarion County’s IDA and the Economic Development Corporation, and to see their dedication to aiding business owners within their community.”

The forgivable loans offered by PA 30 Day Fund are more vital than ever to small businesses fighting to stay open.

To submit an application, make a donation or to learn more about the non-profit and its mission to save small businesses, please visit their website at: or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @PA30Day Fund. 

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