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Recipients Announced for Forsythe’s 13th Annual Snowball Kickball Fundraiser

Now in its 13th year, the Annual Forsythe Snowball Kickball Fund-raiser held at the home of Carrie and Vince Forsythe has been set for February 18, 2023. Over the past thirteen years, this event has helped many families who have been afflicted with life changing circumstances. Over the last five years alone, the annual fund-raiser has generated over $150,000 to help those at a time of need.

For the Forsythe’s the fund-raiser has always been about paying it forward and is a reminder of the blessings they had received years ago in dealing with their own adversities with their children.

This years recipients are Kim Davis of Rimersburg and Lihliauna Crom of Hawthorne. Part of the money also helps support the Clarion County Shriners.

Kim Davis


Kim Davis, 55 of Rimersburg was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on October 2, 2022. Kim found a lump on her right breast and was scheduled for an Ultra Sound guided biopsy on October 4, 2022. No news is good news as they say, but on the very next day, Kim got the call when she was at home alone that she had Breast Cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma). Kim had to make a decision whether to have reconstructive surgery when she didn’t even understand what was happening. She found a wonderful surgeon in Wexford, PA and she does her chemo treatments at the Clarion Cancer Center.

Kim had an MRI which showed three more spots besides the initial lump plus two tiny spots on the left breast which were too small for biopsy. She now waits for a recheck MRI before her surgery. What had initially sounded like an Lumpectomy will end up being a Mastectomy of the right breast as of now.

Kim’s chemo treatments are 6 cycles- 1 treatment every 3 weeks for 4 months followed by surgery. She will then start radiation. Kim has six months of chemo which is the Her2 drug.


Lihliauna of Hawthorne, PA has been in and out of Children’s Hospital on a monthly basis. She was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes the bones to dislocate very easily. She has cardiac and muscle issues and suffers from Gastro Paresis.

Lihliauna Crom


Lihliauna is in the 11th grade and was diagnosed 5.5 years ago. She has been rushed by the ambulance to the hospital many times along with many emergency surgeries. She can not be left alone as she passes out. She is currently on seven medications which has affected her memory over the years.

Lihliauna is taken care of by her mother who is unable to work as she needs to care for her daughter. This is one of the hardest diseases for a child to have. The syndrome causes eating issues, blood pressure issues and swallowing issues. She has had five surgeries from orthopedic to stomach surgeries. Doctors are currently debating on whether to put in a feeding tube. She can not run or jump in fear that her bones will dislocate. She had a massive surgery on her left leg in order for her not to dislocate that leg anymore.

Lihliauna has a life expectancy of 45 years.

The one day event features a live auction, Chinese auction and various raffles. Shirt sponsorship is also available. Anyone wishing to make a monetary or help in any way can contact Vince Forsythe at 724-996-3451.

Donations can be sent to Vince Forsythe, P.O. Box 161, St. Petersburg, PA 16054.

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