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Republican PA Superior Judge Candidate Makes Campaign Stop at the Dayton Fair

Republican PA Superior Court Judge Candidate Maria Battista with Armstrong County Republican Committee Members and Candidates (L-R:  Darlene Smail/Acting Armstrong County Republican Committee Chair, John Strate/VP Dayton Fair and Armstrong County Commissioner Candidate, Maria Battista, Major Anthony Shea (AF-Ret)/PAGOP State Committee and Armstrong County Commissioner Candidate and Darlene Iseman/Precinct Committee (Manor Township).


Republican PA Superior Court Judge Candidate Maria Battista made a campaign stop at the Dayton Fair on her swing through Armstrong County on Sunday, August 13th.

The Armstrong County Republican Committee Leadership Team (Darlene Smail/Acting County Chair and Anthony Shea/PAGOP State Committee), along with fellow Republicans, John Strate, and Darlene and Dennis Iseman met Dr. Battista at the Dayton Fairgrounds. John Strate, Dayton Fair Vice President, having held the position the last 12 years, and having worked at the Fair for over 30 years, gave a tour of the fairgrounds to Dr. Battista. Mr. Strate explained how the Great Dayton Fair brings in 25,000 visitors to the Dayton area annually.

Dr. Battista was able to walk around and meet and talk with various people.  She discussed the importance of electing conservative judges who will not legislate from the bench, who are fair and impartial and who will uphold the law and constitution as written.

Dr. Battista comes with 15 plus years’ experience in civil, criminal, and administrative law, as well as being a former Assistant District Attorney. Dr. Battista also pitched for the other state-wide Judicial Candidates to include fellow PA Superior Court Judge Candidate Harry Smail, PA Supreme Court Judge Candidate Carolyn Carluccio and PA Commonwealth Court Judge Candidate Megan Martin. 

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