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Scrubgrass Stone Church: Prayer Meetings Set for the November 8th Election

The Scrubgrass Stone Church will be holding ten Tuesday night prayer meetings regarding our country and the all-important November 8 Election — Claiming the Promise: 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray, and turn from their wicked way, I will hear them and heal their land.”

Each Tuesday, beginning September 6 and ending on election night November 8, you are invited to join us for prayer regarding our fight for faith and truth; at Scrubgrass Stone Church, 254 Stone Church Road, Emlenton, Pa. from 7:00 PM—8:15 PM. For any questions contact Pastor Denny Barger at 724-458-6651.

• The first Tuesday of each month we will present a video from one of our country’s well-known pastors on their thought regarding the present state of our country, starting with Pastor David Jeremiah on Socialism’s presence and impact on the body of believers and our country.

• On the other Tuesday’s, we will discuss an area in our country and present culture that needs our prayers and urgent attention as believers, ending in prayer for the election.

• November 8, on Election Day, there will be a prayer vigil for what could be a very pivotal election for the very survival of our Christian Nation as envisioned by our “founding fathers,” to be the very foundation on which our nation was founded.

God’s will is accomplished more on our knees than marching in the streets. Satan hates to see people on their knees in prayer.

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