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Sports Talk with Mike - 1-28-120

Congratulations to A-C Valley’s Levi Orton for scoring his 1,000th point in his, yet young, basketball career. Orton, a junior, still has well in excess of a full season to add to his total. Levi, along with his father, Tim Orton, are now the only father-son duo at A-C Valley to break the 1,000 point barrier.

Even though the season ended in a bust for the Pittsburgh Steelers, could it have been much better for the fans of the Black and Gold? The highly touted Cleveland Browns again missed the playoffs and finished behind the Steelers in the standings. America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, imploded and missed the playoffs. The cheating New England Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round. And the John Harbaugh led Baltimore Ravens, who were favored to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, were knocked out of the playoffs in the 2nd round. Now, I know this isn’t really a good life lesson, but, sometimes, when we aren’t successful, seeing our enemies fail can be just as gratifying. I think that is where the Steelers fans are right now.

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