Sports Talk with Mike - KSAC All-Conference Teams

Congratulations to all the local athletes that, for the most part, were able to compete in, and complete, the fall PIAA season. The following locals were named to the KSAC All-Conference teams:


A-C Valley/Union: Broc Weigle, 3rd Team

Cranberry: Cayden Baker, 2nd Team

Moniteau: Jacob Felsing, 1st Team; Dawson Wallace 2nd Team

Boys’ Cross Country:

Cranberry: Matthew Woolcock, MVP; Christian Miller, 1st Team; Colin Zerbe, 1st Team; Avery Keenan, 1st Team; Conor Marterella, 2nd Team; Silas Fox, 2nd Team; Noel Bunyak, 2nd Team

Keystone: Koby Buzard, 1st Team

Girls’ Cross Country:

A-C Valley/Union: Hailey Theuret, 2nd Team

Cranberry: Kalynne Ziegler, 1st Team; Ashlyn Shultz, 1st Team; Jordan Montgomery, 2nd Team; Ellabay Perry, 2nd Team

Moniteau: Hannah Burgoon, 1st Team; Jenna Blauser, 1st Team; Jenna Zendron, 2nd Team


A-C Valley: Andrea Meals, 2nd Team; Mia Sherman, 3rd Team

Cranberry: Ava Ferringer, 1st Team; Maria Anderson, 3rd Team

Keystone: Emma Burrows, 1st Team; Jozee Weaver, 2nd Team

Moniteau: Aslyn Pry, 2nd Team

Union: Dominika Logue, 2nd Team

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