Sports Talk with Mike Meals - Aug. 25

—The last article I wrote was in the 1st week of May. At that time, there was nothing going on in the area or around the country in the world of sports thanks to Covid-19. I think as sports were shut down just about time the NHL was ready to begin their playoffs, many of us hungered for the return of hockey to see our Penguins make their way toward a Stanley Cup championship. I guess we sometimes have to be careful what we wish for. When hockey resumed on August 1st, the Pens opened their playoff run as a #5 seed, going up against a #12 seed in the Montreal Canadiens. Five games later, the Pens season was over and our hopes were dashed for another season. One has to wonder how many more seasons Crosby and Malkin have left in them and if the Pens have any runs deep into the playoffs left in them.

—While the conclusion to the Pens season was disappointing, the Pirates season has been of no surprise. Twenty one games into a 60-game season, the Bucs are 4-17. Knowing that Pittsburgh didn’t have the tools to be competitive over the long haul, I thought that the shortened season may have at least gave them a chance to stay in the race for half the season. Nope. One-third of the way through the season and they are already 10 ½ games out of the division lead. One-third of the way through the season and the proverbial fat lady has already belted out her tune.

—The last time I wrote, I had mentioned that the golf courses were just opening, but, the weather hadn’t cooperated with many days of rain. Three months later, we’ve only had a handful of rain days all summer. There has been more opportunity for the golfing faithful than could have been imagined.

—I’m not sure what the rest of you think, but, although I am glad that there are some live sports happening, it is strange watching professional sports without people in the stands.

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