Sports with Mike - 3-24-20

I am probably not essential, but, I am writing to you this week anyway. The sports world has been on hold for a few weeks now, with everything from pee wee sports to the professional leagues either postponing or canceling their games and/or seasons due to the health risks associated with COVID-19. I would probably guess that at this point, with our lives turned upside down, that we are all getting tired of hearing about coronavirus. However, if you’ve paid attention to what has happened abroad, one could surmise that we are going to deal with it for a long time yet and things are going to get a whole lot worse before we start to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Often times, when we are faced with crisis, the humanity in us rises to the top and we come together as one nation united. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen enough of that so far when dealing with this disease and all of the changes in our daily lives that go along with it. Calling people names, especially on social media, seems to be all the rage nowadays and, if anything, it has gotten worse since we’ve started dealing with the effects and the fallout of this virus.

I know we all have our ideas about what is best for ourselves, our family and our nation, but, we, as a society, politicize everything anymore. We have to quit thinking about what it best for “me” and start addressing what is best for our communities, our state and the United States of America whether we are Democrats or Republicans. The left isn’t right all the time and the left isn’t wrong all the time. The same can be said about the political right. Somehow, we have to find common ground way more often than we do now. My daughter’s favorite entertainer is former One Direction member, Harry Styles. His motto is “Treat People with Kindness”. I know; that is a novel idea. Hopefully, we can all find in our hearts to practice this policy a little more often than we do now.

I understand the economic consequences of shutting down all non-life sustaining business. However, if we are going to minimize the effects of COVID-19, we must all take it seriously and follow the directives of our government. While there have been things said and done that can be questioned to this point, we have to believe that our elected officials have our best interests at hand. I really do not believe this virus was borne out of a political ploy as many have questioned. The best thing we can do to help our small businesses is to listen and to practice self-distancing. The sooner we are all on the same page, the sooner we can defeat this thing, get back on our feet and get back to business as normal.

Pray for our nation. Pray for our older folk, the young and those that have pre-existing conditions that will lessen their abilities to fight off this virus. Pray for our nation and all the people of this world. Pray for our school kids that are missing out on seeing friends, who are missing out on their education. Pray for the parents that now have kids at home and do not have daycares to take them to or a diminished capacity to take care of them. Pray for all those whose income is being affected. Let’s come together in this time of emergency.

And hopefully, in a short while, we will also have a sports world to return to.

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