Sports with Mike - 3-31-2020

The Major League Baseball season was to kick off their 2020 campaign this past weekend. With that being on hold, I have a Pittsburgh Pirates trivia quiz for you. Answers are at the end: 1.) What was the franchises name from 1882 – 1891 before renamed the Pirates? 2.) The Pirates won over 100 games in 1902 and again in 1909. How many times since 1909 have the won 100 games in a season? 3.) Who was the 1st Pirate pitcher to win the Cy Young Award after posting a 20-9 record? 4.) Who is the winningest Pirates manager? 5.) The most recent no-hitter pitched by the Pirates was in 1997. Who were the hurlers that combined to pitch this 10-inning gem? 6.) Who is the Pirates leader in career RBI’s? 7.) Which Pirate “took one for the team” most often and leads in being hit by a pitch? 8.) What American League team did the Pirates defeat to win both the 1971 and 1979 World Series? 9.) Who has the most hits as a Pirate? 10.) Who is the Pirates pitcher to record 200 wins? Answers: 1.) Alleghenys; 2.) zero; 3.) Vernon Law in 1960; 4.) Fred Clarke with 1422 wins from 1900 – 1915; 5.) Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon; 6.) Willie Stargell with 1,540; 7.) Jason Kendall was beaned by 177 pitches as a Pirate; 8.) Baltimore Orioles 9.) Roberto Clemente with 3,000. Honus Wagner had 3,420 which included 453 with Louisville in the 1st three years of his career; 10.) Wilbur Cooper with 202 wins from 1912 - 1924.

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