– St. Joseph –

The Gospel text of the finnding of the child Jesus in the Temple will be the last we hear of Joseph in all the Gospels.

We don’t know what happened to Joseph but he must have died because surely we would have heard of him when Jesus was involved in his public ministry and his mother came to see him. And we would have heard of him at the death of Jesus.

For over a thousand years, March 19 has been celebrated as the feast of St. Joseph.

If a world-wide survey were taken to establish people’s favorite saints, Joseph would be high on the list, probably second only to Mary.

Interesting that Joseph would be such a favorite. His name isn’t even mentioned in Mark’s Gospel. He actually appears “on stage” only in Matthew and Luke, and only in the events surrounding Christ’s birth. In all four Gospels he speaks not one word.

Why is he such a favorite? Because he simply tried to do what had been given him to do.

He probably died thinking he hadn’t done all that much, or even all that well. He simply tried his best to do what it was that he was given to do.

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