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St Paul’s UCC Starts Sharing Spot

Paula Cotherman places the first food items into the Sharing Box. 


St Paul’s UCC Starts Sharing Spot

KNOX: Because there can be a need at any hour of the day, there also needs to be an opportunity to share at any hour as well. For this reason, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ on Twin Church Road near Knox has begun an open-door food and other times sharing program. The church has provided a small collection container in the shape of a church near their actual church where people needing a food, clothing and other item can stop at any hour of the day or night and help themselves. Others are also invited to donate to the pantry if they would like to share.

The idea was introduced by Paula Cotherman, a member of the church board after she notice another church north of Knox had attempted such a ministry. The idea was discussed and agreed upon rather quickly. “Sharing is what God has called us to do. It is a basic way of demonstrating His love”’, says church Pastor, Ken Tack. “I am excited both to be hosting this ministry and that our church is so willing to take up the opportunity”

The process is simple, if you need a nonperishable food item or maybe a clothing piece in an emergency and can’t get to the store or can’t afford to purchase the item at the store, simply drive in the driveway at any time and a miniature church structure is located at the corner of the driveway and Twin Church Road. Take what you need and return home. There are no cameras, no questions, no forms. If you would like to stop by and drop off a couple cans of food or have a clothing item you wish to donate you can do that at any time as well.

“The Sharing Box” will remain open until cold weather necessitates the removal of the food items probably in early November.

We thank the community for the privilege of sharing in this most basic way.

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