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St. Petersburg’s Memorial Day Service

Dr. Katie Yancosek, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, was the featured speaker at the St. Petersburg Memorial Day Service.


ST. PETERSBURG, PA: Monday morning, May 29, 2023, was an absolutely beautiful morning in St.Petersburg as the town celebrated Memorial Day at the Monument in front of the Grove. Their Service opened with a welcome by the Emcee and St. Petersburg Events Committee Member, Marcia Best, followed by a prayer delivered by Rev. LarryMyers, Pastor at Polk Presbyterian Church, Veteran of the United States Air Force, and former resident of St. Petersburg. Gregory McBride, who lives in St. Petersburg and is currently a 2nd-grade student at A-C Valley Elementary School leads everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Star-Spangled Banner was performed by Makenna Armagost, a 2021 graduate of A-C Valley High School, and will be a Junior at Penn State University Park, majoring in Nutritional Science.

The Star-Spangled Banner was

performed by Makenna Armagost.


A poem, “The Flag Goes By”, written by Henry Holcomb Bennett, was read by De Clover, St. Petersburg Events Committee Member. All the Veterans who attended the service were recognized. They stood, if able, or raised their hand when their branch of service was called. A beautiful wreath was placed at the Veteran’s Monument and a salute to our fallen veterans was given by P.D. Ashbaugh, United States Navy Veteran and oldest living veteran in St. Petersburg. Terry Kriebel, United States Marine Veteran, and Jacob Kriebel, current United States Air National Guard, both residents of St. Petersburg placed the wreath.

A beautiful wreath was placed

at the Veteran’s Monument.


Following the Wreath Ceremony and Salute, Emme Gagliano, a 3rd-grade student at A-C Valley Elementary School and a former resident of St. Petersburg read the poem — “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. (Pictured left/below.)

St. Petersburg’s residents were honored to have Dr. Katie Yancosek, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, as their speaker. Katie Yancosek holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in occupational therapy and a PhD in Rehabilitation Neuroscience. Dr. Yancosek retired from the Army in 2017, as a Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Yancosek is widely known for her clinical and research contributions to the field of rehabilitation, particularly with military patients following complex trauma. She served on a NATO panel to establish coordinated care efforts for ally nations.

Dr. Yancosek was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her work in Afghanistan as the Flight Commander of the Concussion Specialty Care Center. Katie has co-authored 41 publications, mostly peer-reviewed science papers. She currently runs a private practice called Upward Call Rehabilitation where she works with teenagers and adults with various complex conditions. Katie and her husband Barry have two grown sons, both military members. Katie and Barry are moving away from St. Petersburg but have greatly enjoyed their two years of living here. Following the very moving, yet uplifting words of Dr. Yancosek, Makenna Armagost, accompanied by Tabby Wetzel, St. Petersburg Events Committee Member and St. Petersburg resident, lead everyone in the singing of God Bless America. Afterward, TAPS was played, with the echo, by Trevor Hile and Scott Milliron, both graduates of A-C Valley High School. Trevor was also a former resident of St. Petersburg. Rev. Larry Myers then delivered the closing prayer.

According to De Clover, “It was an absolutely beautiful service of remembrance, with approximately 80 people in attendance. What a blessing to live in such a wonderful community as St. Petersburg, and to have the freedom to attend such a Memorial Day Service.”

The St. Petersburg Events Committee thanks the following individuals/organizations for their help in making St. Petersburg Memorial Day Service a very special one: (If we missed anyone, we apologize. Please know that your contribution was greatly appreciated.)

• Our Speaker - Dr. Katie Yancosek

• Rev. Larry Myers

• Soloist - Makenna Armagost

• Students - Gregory McBride & Emme Gagliano

• Veterans - P.D. Ashbaugh, Terry Kriebel, & Currently Serving -Jacob Kriebel

• Accompanist - Tabby Wetzel

• Trumpeters - Trevor—Hile & Scott Milliron

• Paul Lutz for our sound system

• Vince Forsythe for our podium

• Scott Best for our stage/trailer

• Bill Vickers of Vickers Florist, Knox, PA for our beautiful wreath

• Quincy & John Deloe for the beautiful flower baskets

• “The Do Something Good Club” from the A-C Valley High School for painting the fence around the Grove.

• Sarah & Mike Stewart and their daughters, Maddie, Gillian & Daphne for cleaning up around the Monument and the Vasey Stone and making them look beautiful.

• Barry & Bonnie Sullivan for the setup, use and tear down of the large tent.

• The Members of the St. Petersburg Borough Council - Well - for everything.

• The Members of the St. Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department - for putting on a delicious lunch as a fundraiser.

• Denny Sheakley, Jr. - Well - for everything, too.

The St. Petersburg Events Committee, their Spouses & Families - It truly takes a village!!! Everyone that attended the 2023 Memorial Day Service, ALL OF OUR VETERANS - those who have passed, those who have served, and those who are currently serving! We owe you the biggest THANK YOU OF ALL!!!

The St. Petersburg Events Committee says, “We hope to see you next year! God Bless America!”

A salute to honor

our fallen veterans.


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