St. Stephen’s Old Stone Church Get New Sign

The East Brady Area Development Corporation and the Brady's Bend Historical Society worked together to replace the sign at St. Stephen's Historic Church in Brady's Bend. The above photo shows the new sign and the photo to the left shows volunteer Joe Curran, who designed and built the frame/post, and Marty Henry, EBADC member, installing the new sign.

Probation workers did the digging and installation of the sign frame and post system a few days before.

St. Stephen’s Church is a historic Episcopal church located in Brady’s Bend Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1867 and is a one-story, sandstone building in the Gothic Revival style. It has a steeply pitched gable roof and measures 36 feet wide and 68 feet deep. In 1925 it was converted for use as a community meeting hall. Today it is used primarily by the Bradys Bend Historical Society, and community meetings.

Joe Curran and Marty Henry

install the new sign.


Pat Ekas of the Historical Society invites community residents to join the historical society, as its membership has been declining and new members are encouraged to join in their efforts to maintain the historic integrity of the building and the community as a whole.

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