Summer Young - An ACV H.S. 2020 Graduate Profile - Continued as part of a weekly series

Summer Young


After Graduating, Summer is attending Clarion University to major in Education and Art. She plans to someday become a teacher.

Summer is also a member of Clarion University’s cheerleading squad. One of her plans is to use her Cosmetology education that She received at the Clarion County Career Center to work in a salon to help make some money while she is in college.

Her favorite hobbies include tending to her 10 bunnies, 5 ducks, chickens and ponies, creating artwork, and buck hunting.

She loves 80’s rock and country music. Some of the best ACV memories include laughing on the votech bus, accidentally kicking my leg so high that my shoe flew at the teacher, and hanging out with my friends in study hall. Her parents are J.P. and Kelly Young of Rockland.

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