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The ACV Senior Awards Assembly Held

The ACV Senior Awards Assembly was held on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at the high school auditorium.

Keeping the attendance to a minimum only the seniors were in attendance along with the presenters.

Malia Conner and Meah Ielease were the MCs for the assembly.

The Teresa and Richard Helmintoller Scholarship was awarded to Brent Hetrick and Makenna Armagost.

The Glenn Karnes Memorial Scholarships were awarded to: Brent Hetrick, Makenna Armagost, Andrea Meals, Amelia Sherman, Nichole Sherry and Brooke Terwilliger.

The Emlenton High School Alumni Association Scholarships were awarded to Brent Hetrick and Kyley Freeman.

Other awards presented to students were the Senior Arts Club, Senior Athlete Awards, the Principal’s list and Honor Roll.

More awards and photos follow this article.

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