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The Allegheny Grille’s New Rustic Timber Frame Pavilion

The Allegheny Grille’s new rustic timber frame pavilion is now finished and has been very busy.  The building has heat and air conditioning. The completion of the pavilion took longer than expected to complete because the windows were back-logged and finally came in the end of July. Catlin Adams crew did a great job and finished it by mid-August. Events were being booked all along, and it already has a full schedule, and there are still dates available. You can book the pavilion for luncheons, dinner, meetings, weddings, or anything your heart desires.

The pavilion has a 120-guest occupancy. It is situated alongside the Allegheny River with a breathtaking view, stellar service and a fine cuisine. You can go to their website at: and download the banquet and special event menu booklet.

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