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The Monongahela Melee Automotive Rally Kicks Off From Foxburg

The Monongahela Melee, also called the Mon Melee kicked off its automotive rally on Friday June 2, 2023, from Foxburg, PA. The participants arrived in Foxburg Thursday evening and after spending the night at the Foxburg Hotel/Inn they filling up with a fine breakfast at the Foxburg Pizza, the automotive rally was off and running at 10 AM.

Triumph TR250 - Pennsylvania


The rally is a 3 day event covering 125 miles. After Foxburg, the first stop is in Bradford, PA along with a tour of the Zippo factory. This leg of the rally will take them through the scenic Cook Forest, just for fun. The Mon Melee Auto Tour is designed with mile by mile directions, and set speeds. The object of each participant is to come as close as possible to the set time/distance/speed (TDS). (No GPS devises allowed.) You have a driver and a navigator. Whoever comes the closet to the set T.D.S., is the winner.

1975 Jaguar E-Type V12 - Ohio


On day two the group will travel to St. Mary’s and enjoy a meal at the Straub Brewery Visitor Center & Tap Room. From St. Mary’s the tour ends up in Kittanning.

According to the rally organizer, Wesley Easy, “The rally is also a charity event and the proceeds will either go to the School for the Deaf, of the School for the Blind”. He added, “The money raised comes from donations, entry fees and sponsors. This year’s sponsor is Raybuck Auto Body Parts in Pittsburgh”.

Volvo - Ontario Canada


The rally was full of classic cars at least 25 years old. The rally brought participants from Canada, Chicago, Cleveland, California, Pittsburgh and Erie. Some of the cars included Jaguar, Volvo, Volkswagen, Triumph and more.

Ford Mustang - Mach 1


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