To The Editor

Dear Clarion County Residents,

I was the Treasurer of Clarion County for almost five years so I know the office well and how it should operate. There are many different components to the position including managing the many county checking and investment accounts, sitting on various boards including the County Retirement Board, and issuing dog, hunting, and antlerless deer tags. It was a hard decision to leave the office, but I did not have to worry at all because I knew that I was leaving it in the capable hands of Karyn Montana.

We both started in the office together in 2016 and together were able to streamline the dog license process by putting it online, increase county interest revenue, and issue over 11,000 antlerless tags per year among many other things. None of those these would have been as successful if Karyn were not working there at that time. She has been a major part of that office since she started as deputy treasurer and has been running it since the fall of last year.

This year, the Fish and Game Commissions implemented a new licensing system throughout Pa. For this and future year’s antlerless application seasons to work as successfully as it has in the past, it is more important than ever to elect an adept individual to run the office. There is no one that is more competent and equipped to run the Clarion County Treasurer’s office than Karyn Montana.

So, on Tuesday May 18th on your absentee ballots or at the polls, please join me in casting your vote for Karyn Montana for Clarion County Treasurer.

Thomas McConnell,

Former Clarion County Treasurer

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