To the Editor - A Vote for Biden is like buying a “Pig in a Poke”

Dear Editor:

There are numerous unknowns about the candidacy of Joe Biden. First of all, the issues about his age, his physical and mental health arise. The Covid-19 virus has given Joe the opportunity to spend most of the past four months in his basement. We have no idea if Joe can withstand the 24/7 pressures of leading a country of over 300 million. Joe has had difficulty making sense when he’s not reading from a teleprompter. As President, complex issues arise consistently. Will his mental health deteriorate to a point where he cannot make informed decisions about policies, bills passed by Congress, and all the various functions that being President entail?

Democrat leaders have threatened to blow-up our system of government. Biden will not answer the question of whether or not he will pack the Supreme Court. Your basic rights: freedom of religion, speech, right to assemble, property , etc. are all in jeopardy if the number of Supreme Court Judges is increased. Democrats have proposed getting rid of the electoral- college that actually determines who becomes President. Doing so would result in New York and California determining the President. Is this a good idea?

Why did Biden choose Kamala Harris as his running mate? According to Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, Harris is the most liberal Senator, farther left than Bernie Sanders. Would the Democrats remove Biden and put Senator Harris in the White House? This San Francisco liberal would have no problem stopping fracking, defunding the police, getting rid of border laws, abolishing ICE, reparations, raising taxes for scores of new federal programs to name a few.

In conclusion, you may not care for President Trump’s personality, ego, or his tweets. But do you really have any idea what will result if Biden is elected? Did your finances and life improve that much under the 8-year Obama-Biden administration?

Trump’s policies have resulted in the highest employment on record for Blacks, women and Hispanics. Trump’s policies resulted in 3% unemployment. That can be repeated in 2021. Ronald Reagan had two terms to cut taxes, reduce regulations and break up AT&T to bring on the .com revolution. Because of Reagan’s policies not his personality, we were off to prosperity in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Drug prices for insulin and other drugs have gone down because Trump negotiates well. All those 160 million Americans who have private health care will keep it. Insurance premiums and co-pays under the Affordable Care Act are usually too high for most to pay. Trump can get health care costs reduced, so health care for all Americans is more affordable.

Since Trump took office, border issues are not constantly in the news. The terrorists are silent. America will become better for many more people if Trump is re-elected. A vote for Trump will preserve traditional America; a vote for Biden is like buying “A Pig in a Poke”. You have no idea what you are getting.

Beverly McAnallen, Parker, PA

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