To the Editor - I Went Christmas Shopping Sunday

Dear Sir,

I know this might offend some people but at this point in my life, sorry, I really don’t care!

To start, I went Christmas shopping Sunday, December 13th in Butler, but of course I felt safe from the pandemic thanks to Governor Wolf being so smart and shutting down indoor dining. There is no way any one could catch COVID 19 from being inches away in big box stores and people touching stuff putting it back on the shelf then someone else touching it. Our governor is one of the biggest idiots period! What a crime against restaurants and small business owners!

Then we have the CDC and the science of wearing masks; it does not protect you from getting the virus but prevents you from spreading the virus, WOW! One of the dumbest statements I have ever heard! Let me ask people to use common sense if that is allowed anymore. How many times a day before masks did you touch your face? How many times a day do you touch your face now? If the answer is 100 times more using the mask then here is your sign. The first thing they told us was “do not touch your face or eyes.”

Election: Now let’s talk about the election and how the voting was fraudulent. There was proof of dead people voting. How does that happen and how does it happen that it’s all 100% democrats. How are millions of mail in votes coming in after the voting deadline legitimate?

There is a simple solution to have a free and fair election. Everyone should use their SS# to vote. It is the only legal way votes should be counted, period! When you vote, you would get a printed receipt of your vote and the government would provide a national web-site for you to check and see if your vote was cast correctly. This is the only way to have a fair election.

I know there are people out there that don’t like using their SS# but you have to use it for everything you do anyway. Using your social security number to vote would be a good check and balance to see if the social security number is from a dead person and automatically detected as an illegal vote.

If someone was in this country illegally then their vote should not count because they are here illegally and the social security system would prevent this type of voter fraud. If this system was implemented, I guarantee the election would be fair and it’s the only way a Republican will ever get voted president again. If we keep having illegal elections our country is doomed!

I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, if you can’t see with your own eyes how corrupt these Democrat run city’s and states are, then your head is in the sand.

I know that this might offend some people, but I would love to hear from anyone that can provide me the facts about a city or state that is democratic run that is not over taxed and has crime out of control. I would love to hear that fantasy.

Mike Elliott

West Freedom

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