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To the editor: Our Future Depends on Informed Voters

Dear Editor:

On May 16, 2023, the citizens of Clarion County will vote to fill important positions at the Court House. We deserve well-informed and experienced people who place our community’s interest over their self-interest. People we can depend on to be honest and trustworthy because they earned that reputation.

If we are to choose the best person for the job, we must study their qualifications, beliefs, and platform statements. Dig into their campaign promises by reading local news coverage. Consult candidates’ Facebook pages (if available). When attending in-person events, let’s ask questions and expect detailed answers.

How long have candidates worked in the office, or if not currently in the office, what past employment experiences relate to the job they seek? How do the skills and abilities they bring easily transfer? Who endorses the candidate? Let’s go beyond a good word and find out what about the candidate impressed them.

Currently, we need people with fresh ideas to not only do the job but excel at it. We need candidates who command our respect and inspire our trust. Those ready to serve by repeating good work done in the past in addition to having a vision for our future.

Please, be an informed voter, for all our sakes!

Barb Runyan

Clarion County Poll Worker

Clarion, PA 16214

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