To the Editor: Taking the COVID Vaccine

l am old enough to remember when we would see clipson KDKA of hospital wards full of children on respirators due to polio. Most parents lived in a quiet fear that their child would be next. Then our own Dr. Jonas Salk announced that he had a viable solution to that terrible disease in the form of a vaccine. He developed it in a relatively short period of time as vaccines go and tested it on his own children.

No one, NO ONE balked at taking the vaccine and we gladly and thankfully lined up at our local high school auditorium. My father said that he knows there might beside effects but was willing to take that chance for his kids and he’d make sure that all his loved ones take that chance. You knew the consequences if you didn’t take advantage of that medicine back then. You can check history as to how our country emerged from that deadly pestilence.

Viruses cannot reproduce on their own so they hijack living cells to make copies of themselves. Just like us they have a will to live and when the virus comes up against what it senses as a threat, it adapts or mutates to stay alive. We saw how the Corona Virus cherry picked vulnerable populations racing through nursing facilities and taking a heavy toll on our seniors.

But other populations seemed immune. At the very height of the pandemic, there were 20 and 30 somethings without masks, packed in like sardines at bars and pool parties. They laughed at all the restrictions and called the virus “the baby boomers’ broom.” Within a short period of time the virus changed just a little, and lCUs were filled with young people.

What is stopping Covid from mutating again and attacking the just the pediatric population? How would you feel if you refused the vaccine but was responsible for getting your child sick or worse?

A few years ago, after several waves of Influenza, many healthcare organizations made it mandatory to get a flu shot. (Actually, they didn’t care about you, they just didn’t want you to give it to their patients.) When some employees complained, the employer stated that they couldn’t actually make you get it, but if you want to work here, you have to get the shot. The number of hospital acquired flu cases fell to almost zero.

Respectfully submitted by:

Chris Williams

Chicora, Pa. 16025

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