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To the Editor: Thank you, John Kerle

Charitable Deeds and Services was a dream of John Kerle for so many years. In 2001, Charitable Deeds and Services was started by helping one person and has grown into what it is today. Without John’s dream of helping God’s children in their time of need, all of the work that we do today would not have been possible.

Charitable Deeds and Services started with funding from John and his family and has since grown to include over a thousand faithful members. Members contribute to the organization in many different ways. They contribute monetarily, volunteer their time, pray for those on our prayer chain, send in monthly donations, donate furniture, clothing, etc. – all this to help people in our community who are in need. Without John’s vision and support, none of this would have been possible.

After many years of service, John has recently resigned from Charitable Deeds and Services. We all want to thank him for the many, many hours that he has put into Charitable Deeds and Services to make it what it is today. We are hoping to keep John’s dream of providing help to the people who need it in the Clarion, Venango, Forest and surrounding counties. Please keep supporting Charitable Deeds. We are still the same organization with the same mission, but missing the great, generous, man who started it.

John, you always seem to know just what people need and what will brighten their day. Caring is such a part of who you are, and we know that your generous spirit has touched so many lives without even trying. Cards of thanks and appreciation can be sent to John at 98 Hickory Nut Lane, Knox, PA 16232.

So from all the members of Charitable Deeds and the people you have helped with your love and support – Thank you!

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