To the Editor - The Ability To Inspire

One of the key attributed of a successful leader is the ability to inspire. Inspire others to be their best. Inspire entire teams around a common vision. We all, as leaders, aspire to inspire.

There are times in a leader’s career when roles are reversed. When you are inspired by those you are privileged to lead. In my case, it is when I walk through the hospital at 5 AM following a rough night and see staff members on the front lines caring for patients. They are weary. Just like you and I, they have families, they have fears and they’ve experienced first-hand many of the devastating effects of this insidious disease. Yet, they smile, they persevere and in it they inspire.

I want to thank the community for responding in so many ways in support of our heroes on the front line. And I want to remind you, we’re still here. Prayers, words of encouragement, sponsored meals are all greatly appreciated. Most importantly, help keep our health care workers safe by practicing social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

Steven Davis, President

- Butler Health System Clarion Hospital

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