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To the Editor: Wake Up America

Every year you hear that the present election will impact or be the turning point for our Country. BUT, this can be the one. Alarm bells are sounding/screaming, but unfortunately it is not reaching everyone.

When you have an administration that totally ignores and disregards our laws and especially our Constitution; acts as a dictatorship; turns a blind eye to rampant crime; excessive spending of OUR money that the Country does not have; treats citizens that don’t agree with their policies and doctrine like they are public enemy no. 1 when no laws have been broken (except ones they fabricate); opens our borders to the world but includes border wall building money for foreign countries in passed legislation; allows drug cartels to control and distribute deadly substances throughout our Country killing young and old alike; mandating vaccines (excuse me a vaccine prevents one from not getting the disease) that have the potential to do harm to the elderly, children, and those with chronic illnesses; causing our strategic petroleum reserves to be depleted; and gas and diesel prices to continue rising.

Where is our liberty, freedom of speech, and “democracy” that the government guarantees its citizens? Where has it gone? I’m not sure that our country can sustain what is happening.

Living in the rural areas of western Pennsylvania, we are not yet severely impacted by what is occurring, but it is coming and you will be saying— “This can’t happen here.” BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

Read history and listen to those who have lived elsewhere and have seen what these changes did to their country. WAKE UP AMERICA!! It’s coming to your local community before you know it.

Rose Wilson,

Parker, PA

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