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Town Talk: Ode (owed) to Dogs

After a long hiatus from Progress (pun intended), I felt inspirationally blocked! That is, until I took my stinky dogs to the local groomer. My initial plan was to drop the fur babies off and head out for a couple of hours of much needed self-care…dog free; however, the plan was kiboshed by my oldest Golden Retriever Georgiy’s piercing yelp, commanding that I not leave her side. From the raised grooming table, I witnessed her practically hang herself trying to leap after me as I proceeded to leave. My initial response – “How annoying! How embarrassing!” – was quickly superseded by “How awesome!”, as I smiled reflecting on how awesome it was to feel so needed.

This experience inspired the four-question Town Talk inquiry followed by a summary of twenty local participant responses:

1. How would you describe your dog(s) using two adjectives?

Committed, loyal, resilient, energetic, beefy, motivational, stubborn, loud, obnoxious, slobbery, hilarious, sweet, spaced-out, human, independent, stoic, cuddly, clever, forgiving, sensitive, grateful, durpy (my personal fave), good listener, bad listener, clumsy, tolerant, “sacka potatoes” (another fave), silly, protective

2. What do you value most about your relationship with your dog(s)? I decided to call this category MVP (most valued pup).

Provides personal friendship, knows how to chill, listens to me complain, lets me sleep on their belly, gives full body hugs, loves me unconditionally, is constantly under my feet, doesn’t ever leave my side, reads my feelings, shares my opinions, doesn’t judge, is a positive role model, keeps me on my toes

3. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dog(s)?

How to tolerate the otherwise intolerable, How to live in the moment, how to shake stuff off and move on, how to turn off all technology and love the tangible reality, always put your fur family first, love is the most precious treasure

4.If you could ask your dog one question, what would it be?

Could you please pick up your own poop? What are you barking at? How can I help you feel better? Why don’t you like your food? What’s your favorite outdoor/indoor activity? Why don’t you listen to me sometimes? What’s your favorite dog breed? What’s your least favorite dog breed and why?

The above responses inspired me to write the poem…

“Ode” owed to Dogs

To honor our

beloved pups

Who walk beside

us down the road

Along life’s pathways

narrow and wide


unconditional love


are our cups

filled with wonder

and pride

The divine delights

they bring

And waning of the load

Whether prancing

or sashaying

Like pillars do abide

Swift, agile

And furry-toed

Unbreakable is the bond

Forever allied

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