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Town Talk: Weather The Moment

Lara C. Andreykovich

The inspiration for today’s article comes from the extra-ordinariness of Mother Nature I was fortunate enough to witness this past Thursday. If you happened to be outdoors or looking out from the inside, then I hope my reiteration does it justice. However, if you did not have the opportunity to see what I next describe, I am overjoyed to share the vision.

For what started out as working evolved

into gazing out the front doors

and into the glorious

yet cacophonous display

Mother Nature had bestowed to the Earth!

After her misty veil fluttered

over a dullish morning sky

it transformed

into a breezy dance of flurries

swept up

by a gush of sleet

and away

in a gusty gale

Swaying to and fro’

giving way to loftier

and quieter flecks of snow

repetitive pageantry

then came a glow

and a vast burst of sun

as if to say “Enough”!

It rolled and spilled

across a copious emerald plain

settling and warming my senses

Peace and clarity again

Somehow harmony had arisen

from this dissonant

and splendid display

Quite like life, I thought.

Then beneath the doorway shelter

while shaking my head

in awe and reverence

appeared an even rarer sight

As my eyes drifted across the panorama

the lively shower

had resumed

though only in the center

For to my left and right

the air untouched and still

bared hints of transpiration

dispersing in gentle flight

It was if a hand above

cleared an opening in the sky

and only there the heavens rained

An offering and hopeful sign

I consider the sight I beheld on Thursday as God ‘s gift to me for being truly and fully present. I realize that the weather this time of year in Pennsylvania can be disconcerting and disheartening for some, so I thought this recollection might help change some scowls to smiles knowing that unexpected changes have the power to change your heart.

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