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Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. Moves Into Former ACV Medical Center Building in Foxburg

New home office of Training Toward Self Reliance Inc.


It is with great excitement that we announce the official opening of our new administrative offices for Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. in beautiful Foxburg, PA; (Parker mailing address). Although many great memories were made at the former location in Sligo, it was felt that it was time to upgrade to a building that can accommodate our ever growing need to house ALL TTSR, Inc. Administrative staff under one roof and to have the capability to collaborate together in order to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of our consumer base. Needless to say, all members of the Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. team are settled in and prepared to contribute to our vision of making a positive impact for the nearby community and surrounding area as a whole.

For those not familiar, Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. was founded in 2001 and our mission has remained constant; foster a family-like living environment and offer a quality and fulfilling daily programming schedule to those who need assistance and who are diagnosed with some form of cognitive or developmental disability. We believe that ALL humans have the ability to make great contributions to their community all while having choice and opportunity in their lives so as to grow as individuals and accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Some need more assistance than others to complete these goals and this is where TTSR, Inc. comes in. We are here, with the sole purpose of providing physical and emotional support to some of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable population. We ensure that all individuals have to the tools and resources to be able to access the community, participate in any and all desired activities, and live in a home with others or at times alone with staff support, in order to live an “Everyday Life” that those not diagnosed with a disability would be accustomed to. With the support and nurturing from our dedicated and fully trained staff roster, TTSR Inc. feels that we have made a huge impact in our consumers’ lives, just as they have positively impacted the lives of our staff.

It is the hope of all Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. agency administrators that those in the Parker, Foxburg, and surrounding areas would take the time to learn more about our agency, our mission, and goals for the future and would consider becoming a part of the TTSR family. We are always looking for dedicated, caring, and compassionate people to become a part of the TTSR, Inc. family and work toward fulfilling our vision and contribute to making the dreams of our loving population into a reality. TTSR, Inc. is always accepting applications and we offer competitive pay along with sign on incentives, medical benefits, seasonal bonuses when available, and other types of compensations. Full or part time applicants are welcome to apply and TTSR will work with you to develop a work schedule that meets your needs.

We are truly excited to call this space our home and we look forward to meeting with and collaborating with all local establishments in order to do our part to build upon the successful and welcoming community we now reside in. Thank you to all that have reached out to us already to offer support and encouragement for the future.


Tammy Nelson, CEO

Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc.

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