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Turning Tragedies Into Triumphs

Public Invited on May 30th

to Fellowship Baptist Church

On Sunday evening, May 30th at 6:30 P.M. eighty-five year old “Grandma” Joy Wilsted will give a testimony of her life called “Turning Tragedies Into Triumphs”. This is a program designed to lift up the hearts of people who are in need of inspiration. It is a program of Christian poetry and music.

During the months of isolation due to COVID it was hard for senior citizens like Grandma Joy to keep positive. “It was tempting to get depressed,” Grandma Joy said. “So I decided I would go through some old poems I wrote over fifty years, poems which lifted my spirits. These poems helped me when I went through four severe life tragedies.” In reading the old poems Joy found some she had forgotten about, like the one written shortly after her fourteen year old son died called “God Loaned Me a Child”. Joy knew that other families who have lost children would find inspiration in the poem. “I know that I am just a vehicle that God uses when I write poems, because I am often awakened in the middle of the night and have to write the verses on paper or they’ll be lost” explained Grandma Joy. Sitting alone in her recliner for many hours reading poems written about her faith in God helped keep Joy’s mind oû how sad and lonely she was during the pandemic.

As a result of this time alone there is now a book called “Heroes and Angels (Honoring Those Who Have Served)” to bless other people who need their spirits lifted. “It was so sad to think that my cousin’s wife was even more isolated from family during COVID because she is in a nursing home.” So Grandma Joy wrote a poem for folks in nursing homes.

“One of my former violin students was heart-broken because there were no celebrations for graduates. A poem emerged called “Pearls of Wisdom, where 2020 graduates were likened to pearls, with the last verse reading:

“A pearl is made while it’s hidden, irritated by a grain of sand.

Since faith is built through hardships their future is, oh so grand!”

Realizing that young children were unable to play with their friends a poem was written for children with the last lines:

“After a storm comes a rainbow. A smile comes after a tear. When we finally let go and let God, faith will replace all fear.”

More poems were written for people who were quarantined. Watching t.v. and the tragedies going on in our country led Joy to write a poem called “Triumph Over Tragedy” dedicated to law enforcement and counselors. Another poem “Keep Hope Alive” was written to inspire folks not to become depressed or discouraged.

The program “Turning Tragedies Into Triumphs” includes Joy’s story of seven years of tragedies in her life and how God was there turning those tragedies into triumphs. “Sometimes we need to just let go and let God do what He alone can do. And this takes time - God’s time,” said Grandma Joy.

The program “Turning Tragedies Into Triumphs” will be filled with uplifting poetry followed by violin duets and a baritone soloist. Grandma Joy teaches violin. One of her long-time students, Josh Rowe will be playing the violin and singing songs like “In the Garden” and “He Touched Me”.

Grandma Joy’s book “Heroes and Angels” will be available after the program. The public is invited to enjoy an evening of healing and inspiration at 6:30 P.M. at Fellowship Baptist Church, 3727 Oneida Valley Road, Emlenton. If your church group wants information on sponsoring a program called “Turning Tragedies into Triumphs” you may email Grandma Joy at:

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