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Welcome To Our Neighborhood Sugarcreek Elementary Project

Neighborhood 3D Relief Scultptures

created by the students at

Sugarcreek Elementary.


In the spring of 2022, Sugarcreek Elementary School art teacher Chelsea Grubbs conceived of a project to teach young children the value of neighbors and neighborhoods. Using art and teamwork these students, Kindergarten - 6th grade, created 3-D relief sculptures featuring homes, churches, and businesses in their community of East Brady. The students were provided photos of the subjects and were encouraged to use their creativity to build their sculptures.

Although these children may be too young to remember Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on TV, the values taught so gently in those shows live on in projects like this. Their work is proudly displayed through the end of October in the Artist Windows next to the Old Bank Deli on Kelly’s Way.

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