Winter Window Installations

– Winter Window Istallations –

Homeowners know that certain kinds of home-improvement projects yield the best results when done during specific times of the year. One project that many people don’t realize can be done at any time of year though, is having replacement windows installed. Spring, summer and early fall are typically the most popular times of year to have windows replaced, but there’s no reason why window replacement should be limited to only those seasons. In fact, there are several excellent reasons to have your exterior home improvements done during the winter.

1. Winter is the best time to discover problems with your windows. As materials contract in the cold and your windows are exposed to precipitation, extreme temperatures and other natural elements, there is a good chance that problem areas in your windows will manifest themselves in the form of leaks, cracks and drafts.

2. Scheduling in the “off-season” usually means better prices and faster installation. The fact that spring and summer are such popular installation seasons can work in your favor when installing windows in the winter. Since most exterior remodeling companies aren’t as busy during the colder months, they typically have special deals and sales, saving you money on parts and labor costs. And when you schedule your window replacement when most other homeowners don’t, you likely won’t have to wait as long for an installation time.

3. Heat and humidity won’t factor into your installation. Summertime can be incredibly hot and humid, causing the wood framing of your home to swell and expand. Waiting for the weather to cool off for a while before having your windows replaced gives your home’s wood framing a chance to return to its normal size, allowing for efficient window installation with very little chance of air leakage, glass damage or frame warping.

4. Professional installation technicians will know how to minimize energy loss while replacing your windows. Though it may be freezing out, there is no reason to worry about your energy bills while having your windows replaced in the winter. Using a one-for-one installation process, professional replacement window contractors will keep the heat inside your house with very little exposure to the elements as they work.

5. Your energy costs will go down significantly. Windows can either help you save money or break the bank when it comes to energy bills. Drafty, broken or leaky windows will increase energy costs as heating escapes through the frames and glass. Replacement windows, however, will seal your home and keep the heat where it should be – inside.

When it comes to increasing your home’s value through energy-efficient home improvements, there truly is no risk. By scheduling your window replacement in the winter, you will reap the benefits in comfortability, convenience and cost, as energy-efficient products are investments that pay for themselves time and time again.

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